Saturday, 31 January 2009

DV8 Physical Theatre - Strange Fish

DV8 Physical Theatre was formed in 1986 by an independent collective of dancers who, they claim, had become frustrated and disillusioned with the preoccupation and direction of most dance. The company has produced 15 dance pieces, which have toured internationally, and 5 award-winning films for television. They are performing works that break down the barriers between dance, theatre, and personal politics and, above all, communicate ideas and feelings clearly and unpretentiously.

The company is led by Lloyd Newson and are based at Artsadmin in London. Works include:
"To Be Straight With You" for stage 2008
"Just For Show" for stage 2005
"The Cost of Living" for stage 2003 and for film in 2004
"The Happiest Day of My Life" for stage 1999
"Enter Achilles" for stage and film 1995
"Strange Fish" for stage and film 1992

Strange Fish looks at our quest for someone to love and something, or someone,to believe in. The tyranny of couples and groups, the pain of not belongingand the fear of being alone are all laid bare in a series of powerful images.Strange Fish mixes humour, religious iconography and physicality, taking it beyond the boundaries of traditional dance. To tell you the truth, this is one of the films that impressed me so much and had changed my attitude to video dance style. It feels like your brain explodes when you let this performance to get inside of your mind! Enjoy!

• Prix Italia Special Prize - Music & Arts, 1994

• Best Choreography Festival International Danse Visions 1994

• Best Stage Performance Reworked for the Camera IMZ Dance Screen 1993

• Pierre Cardin Award Grand Prix International Video-Danse 1993.


  1. As for me that's the one of the most amazing choreographic scenes i've ever seen - concept, philosophy, feelings and expression! Simply genius - any words are not enough to perform all the beauty and the deep sense of this composition!

  2. Es la mirada la que transfiere el movimiento del alma de esa mujer, observadora, caminante, devoradora de bailes imposibles.
    En cada huella de manos se percibe la sombra de las dudas.
    La pasión de aquellos que ves.
    Dar la espalda a la lucha.
    Si sientes amor por alguien, debes danzar.
    Es más doloroso aquello que núnca hiciste, que aquello que se hace aún equivocándote.

  3. I have nothing to say... Music, dance! That is something amazing!!!!
    I LIKE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Actually, this is the one of the most amazing performances It's like if you were a part of a great secret and you don't even get what is the sense of that secret, but you feel it.