Monday, 20 April 2009

Takagi Masakatsu - Bloomy Girls - Lumines II

Think back to the video of the bag in American Beauty; I'll wait. Okay, so is a paper bag fluttering around in front of a camera truly a "tiny miracle in daily life"? The bag does seem, almost inexplicably, to have freed itself from the bonds of gravity, possibly with the aid of something called 'wind', but I'm pretty sure that doesn't count as a miracle. Regardless, the pot dealer in American Beauty really got choked up on this stuff, and video documentarian Takagi Masakatsu digs on these little wonders, too. One's fictional, of course, but no doubt most of you are more familiar with his work than with Masakatsu's real-life video collage, Lumines II. Takagi Masakatsu is a visual artist and musician whose work knows no aesthetic borders. He has presented video installations and performed live at art spaces around the world. He also produces music videos, as well as music for commercials and film. He has toured with musician and remix artist David Sylvian. In 2006, “Bloomy Girls,” a visual book with his video arts collection, was released. Res magazine named him one of the 2006 RES 10, an annual selection of emerging artists who will influence the worlds of film, video, design, advertising, music, and media art in the upcoming year and beyond. One of my favourite artists - just awesome!

Sunday, 19 April 2009

American Beauty - The dancing paper bag

RICKY: That was amazing.
JANE: What was amazing about it?
RICKY: When you see something like that, it's like God is looking right at you, just for a second. And if you're careful, you can look right back.
JANE: And what do you see?
RICKY: Beauty.
JANE: Is it only dead things?
RICKY: No. Not at all. No, it's everywhere. You just have to be open to it.

RICKY: Sometimes there's so much beauty in the world I feel like I can't take it, like my heart's going to cave in.

Thursday, 16 April 2009

The Rain by Pontus Lidberg

Once I find something I really enjoy, I tend to go a bit obsessive about it, so I have been researching stuff about Pontus Lidberg, the guy who choreographed and directed that dance film I really liked, The Rain.Pontus hails from Sweden, where he trained at the Royal Swedish Ballet School. He has choreographed for the Norwegian National Ballet, Vietnam National Opera and Ballet Theatre, Stockholm 59° North (a company made of soloists from Royal Swedish Ballet) plus worked on dance films, like The Rain. Trailer for the 28-minute film The Rain, by Pontus Lidberg - it's really nice :)

Sunday, 12 April 2009

For My A. Angel - for my sZENt: Miracle Maker

Miracle Maker

I’m waiting here for my life to change,

When the waters stir you can rearrange me.

Just one touch is all I need,

I’ve nothing much but the wounds I feel,

I’m looking for the hand of the miracle man.

Holy, you are holy,

Who was and is and is to come.

Holy, you are holy, Saviour, Healer,

I’m standing at the feet of the miracle maker.

I’m holding on, with your life in mine,

Living water’s come,

And you’ve rearranged me.

Holy you are holy,

Who was and is and is to come.

Holy, you are holy, Saviour, Healer,

I’m staring in the face of the miracle maker.

Holy, you are holy,

Who was and is and is to come.

Jesus, precious Jesus,

Thank you, Saviour,

I’m walking in the shoes of my miracle maker.

I’m standing with the faith of a miracle maker.

Saturday, 11 April 2009

Just a melancholic ballet episode

Some people think of ballet is outdated, but it is truly timeless. It portrays human experience and emotion on a primal level, understood without any need for words. I've always felt it to be a very powerful form of expression.

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Stephane Lambiel - Un giorno per noi: 2007 Cup of Russia

Stéphane Lambiel (born April 2, 1985 in Martigny, Switzerland) is a Swiss figure skater. He is a two-time World Champion (2005–2006), the 2006 Olympic silver medalist, a two-time Grand Prix Champion (2005 and 2007) and an eight-time Swiss National Champion. Lambiel is known for his spins and is credited with popularizing some spin positions. I love especially this performance presented in Russia on Josh Groban's song "Un giorno per noi (romeo e giulietta)" - the combination of music with exquisite plastic and perfect Lambiel's technic provokes stunning impresion!

Monday, 6 April 2009

''And They Got Married and Had Many Kids" (Ils se Marierent et Eurent Beaucoup d'Enfants) by Yvan Attal!

The original French title of ''Happily Ever After" translates to ''And They Got Married and Had Many Kids." That's colloquially about the same as fairy-tale cliché, ''they lived happily ever after," but the English title carries a sting that writer-director-star Yvan Attal doesn't quite intend. Everyone may be miserable in this funny, ribald, unexpectedly profound tale of married Parisian yuppies, but the joke and the tragedy is that they don't have to be. This is my favourite extract from this movie - it's so kind, so simple, so sweet so....joyful that you admire this couple, because you understand: "Yeah, this is it - happiness!"

Saturday, 4 April 2009

And once again Cats: The Story of the Cat and the Moon by Pedro Serrazino

The outstanding film is Pedro Serrazino's elegant "The Story of the Cat and the Moon," the tale of a frustrated lover of an elusive feline - unrequited love follows a cat who is beguiled by an always out-of-reach moon. The artist skillfully juxtaposes areas of black and white, and plays with reflections and reversed images to create a graceful, pleasing visual essay. The poem is beautiful! It describes exactly the feeling of a person that chases a dream and can't realize it… but it also tells how to fulfil it! I see the "Story of the Cat and the Moon" as one beautiful metaphor to the human relationships, passion and love.

Friday, 3 April 2009

"Riba" Supinfocom Valenciennes - Yves Dalbiez, Elise Garcette and Laurent Leleu

"Riba” was created by three French students, Yves Dalbiez, Elise Garcette and Laurent Leleu from Supinfocom Valenciennes, the same school of excellence who brought us that marvellous tango movie featured here a while back, "En Tus Brazos".

The unusual aspect of the 3D graphics (it seems like hand drawn) "had been chosen especially to remind the feeling of a real painting.""The piano soundtrack, which holds an important part of the work, was written by Yves Dalbiez two years before the movie, arranged and played by the talentuous Stéphane Corbin." The violoncello is played by Frédérique Legrand.

Contra feat. 2sleepy - Close So Far: Ballet Maribor

Ballet Maribor’s Radio and Juliet interprets the delicacy of love with the cold hand of mechanization in the modern world. Special music, coupled with the expressive mix of Ballet Maribor’s signature minimalist forms, intensifies feelings of desperation, alienation and loneliness, creating an atmosphere of aggression and the accelerating passage of time.

Lyric by CONTRA Music by 2sleepy Video by CONTRA (Maribor Ballet 'Radio & Juliet' was used)