Thursday, 16 April 2009

The Rain by Pontus Lidberg

Once I find something I really enjoy, I tend to go a bit obsessive about it, so I have been researching stuff about Pontus Lidberg, the guy who choreographed and directed that dance film I really liked, The Rain.Pontus hails from Sweden, where he trained at the Royal Swedish Ballet School. He has choreographed for the Norwegian National Ballet, Vietnam National Opera and Ballet Theatre, Stockholm 59° North (a company made of soloists from Royal Swedish Ballet) plus worked on dance films, like The Rain. Trailer for the 28-minute film The Rain, by Pontus Lidberg - it's really nice :)


  1. I also love to dance, me am sorry for not finding a good school of dance that I can pay and have no time because I have to work harder. But it is my dream. You also like to dance? You can dance?

  2. Thank you Kenia for such a comment:) I am really glad when people share my affection to different kind of beautty, especially to the dance. I am keen on ballet and contemporary dance, I find it as a special instrument of feelings expression!

  3. Hi from Spain!!

    I think so it is a bit late, but i really wuold like to find this short movie. Do you know where i can find the complete version?? iñd like to buy this dvd

    Thank you!!

  4. The Rain is now available for download on iTunes in the US and Canada, and will hopefully be coming to other countries later this year, via tendutv (