Friday, 3 April 2009

"Riba" Supinfocom Valenciennes - Yves Dalbiez, Elise Garcette and Laurent Leleu

"Riba” was created by three French students, Yves Dalbiez, Elise Garcette and Laurent Leleu from Supinfocom Valenciennes, the same school of excellence who brought us that marvellous tango movie featured here a while back, "En Tus Brazos".

The unusual aspect of the 3D graphics (it seems like hand drawn) "had been chosen especially to remind the feeling of a real painting.""The piano soundtrack, which holds an important part of the work, was written by Yves Dalbiez two years before the movie, arranged and played by the talentuous Stéphane Corbin." The violoncello is played by Frédérique Legrand.


  1. Sometimes we don't believe that our dreams can meet our possibilities, but one day may come wonderful "fish", "bird", "Kitten" and show us that we can achieve everything!

  2. Dreams have such a nice feature to come true sometimes :)