Thursday, 29 January 2009

Dancing film: Delicious Tree - an experimental dance screen film about tree spirits that come out to play

Dance film is the cinematic interpretation of existing dance works, originally created for live performance or the creation of choreography that can only exist in the medium of film or video. Dance works made specifically for film presentation are known as Dance for camera. It should be noted that these definitions are not agreed upon widely within the sector of artists and other practitioners who work with dance and video.

Existing dance works may be modified for the purposes of filming. This can involve a wide variety of film techniques. Depending on the amount of choreograpic and presentational adjustment an original work is subjected to, the filmed version may be considered as dance for camera.

Britain's DV8 Physical Theatre, directed by Lloyd Newson, is well known for its film versions of staged works. The reworking of Enter Achilles (1995) for film in 1996 is a seminal example of Dance for camera. Recently acclaimed works include "The Cost of Living".

Australia's The Physical TV Company, directed by Richard James Allen and Karen Pearlman, is well known for creating original works that are a sophisticated meeting of the possibilities of cinema with those of dance. Dance films such as "Rubberman Accepts The Nobel Prize" (2001), "No Surrender" (2002), and "Down Time Jaz" (2003) are differing examples of the possibilities of this approach involving comedy, visual effects, drama, and animation.

I will throw light upon all these kinds of dancing film :) it's only a beginning . And now I want to present one of my favourite dancing films "Delicious tree", it's some kind of "wow":))) One of the best works of Dance Camera West Film Festival.

Delicious Tree (USA, 2006) Director: Cari Ann Shim Sham Choreographer: Jia WuA trio of spirits emerge from a tree, explore the living world, dance with trees and return back to the tree from which they came. Inspired by Eiko & Koma.


  1. A veces es difícil salir de un árbol que te ultraprotege. Pero es necesario fundar raíces en algún sitio, ver, pisar fuerte sin miedos, dejar el abrigo blanco y aprender a volar.
    Un beso.

  2. Thans Yara for this miracle!
    like dream of nature...