Monday, 26 January 2009

Dear Friend,

I’m writing to you, though you don’t know me. I’m writing to you, because sometimes appears necessity to share joys, worries and observations.

It’s like traveling by the train and telling a follower your secrets, knowing that on the next stop you will leave and everything that is told will stay living in his mind – images, which are born from your expressions – and for some seconds you’ll feel relief and freedom, caused by this sincere sharing. Even doesn’t matter the fact of what will be a reply, but significant is to be heard and to be understood. The most important is to feel resonance – dumb reply – in glance, touch or just silence – because people have lost the skill to feel and to empathize.

Actually, my Friend, not everybody is able to feel – this is the same ability as to hear, to talk, to see. Precisely as there exist deaf or dumb people, in exactly the same way there exist people with deaf or dumb souls.

But you, my friend, I’m sure, you are an owner of wonderful soul, which is always searching the beautiful that can fill up empty spaces and your heart is longing to share kindness with these who need it so much.

So give me your hand and I will show you these things, which fill up your soul with joy and positive emotions. And if you get tired or get bored you may just go out on the next stop keeping all the good that you will have gone through.

Best wishes

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  1. Muchas felicidades YARA por la creación de tu blog, este espacio público y a la vez íntimo, que será la expresión y a la vez el espejo de tu alma.
    De esa alma estética, artística, soñadora, que rima los ojos con la magia de todo lo conocido y lo que está aún por descubrirse.
    Suerte en esta andadura de expresión y libertad.
    Te acompañaré en tu camino de emociones contenidas y liberadas.
    Un beso en tu mejilla para adornarte con mis colores tu sonrojo.