Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Article19 V.9 Scottish Dance Theatre

'Sorry for the Missiles' by Vanessa Haska and 'Tenderhook' by Liv Lorent are not examples of flashy choreography, rather, both works are more thoughtful studies of complex issues. This is dance making for the thinker.

Both works are just two out of SDT's current touring repertoire which also includes 'In The Middle Of The Moment' by Uri Ivgi and Johan Grebe and 'Second Storm' by Michal Zahora. With their current crop of creations the company are building quite a formidable arsenal of work under the directorship of Janet Smith. Where you see the company perform determines which two pieces of dance you will see.

Both works are performed by: James MacGillvray, Toby Fitzgibbons, Ruth Janssen, Steven Martin, Naomi Murray, Victoria Roberts, Raquel Gualtero Soriano, Rocco Vermijs, Solene Weinachter, Phillipa White, and Michael Zahora. Music for 'sorry for the Missiles' is by Banta de Zegata and The In Laws. Music for 'Tenderhook' is by Ezio Bosso.

Actually, in my oppinion it's absolutely amazing - pure magic expressed through movements, it seems like "miracle" is in the air!!!

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