Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Dance on Tour: Canadian Directory! La La La Human Steps - Amelia

La La La Human Steps

La La La Human Steps was formed around a three-week series of performances in a tiny theatre in St-Henri followed by a week at the Kitchen in New York. Since then it has become one of the most recognised dance companies in the world and has earned international recognition by developing a unique choreographic language that has been constantly reinvented over its 23 year history. Choreographic complexity, the alteration of balletic structures and the intertwining of choreographic, musical and cinematic strands are among the elements that create a sense of perceptual distortion and renewal, that encourage audiences to both reinvent and rediscover the body and its dance.

The company has encouraged its dancers to question, define, renew and restate, performances based on sound technical fundamentals and a renewal of performance values that range from the hyper physical to the lyrical. The company has collaborated with institutions as varied as the Paris Opera and Frank Zappa.

La La La Human Steps tours extensively both nationally and internationally. Quality, sound technical fundamentals and renewal have and will continue to define its activities.

Artistic Director

Édouard Lock choreographed his first piece in December 1974 at the age of 21. Since then his work has garnered acclaim nationally and internationally for its originality, vision and structure. Over the years he has been invited to create works for some of the leading dance companies in the world including the Paris Opera Ballet, the Netherlands Dance Theatre and the Het National Ballet of Holland. This year he was the recipient of the prix Denise Pelletier, Quebec’s highest cultural award, as well as the Benois de la danse, given to him in Moscow for AndréAuria, choreographed for the Paris Opera Ballet and premiered on November 15, 2002.

A film adaptation of Amelia (the current touring work) directed by Édouard Lock was premiered at the Montréal International Festival of New Cinema and New Media, before being televised worldwide.

This video is absolutely awesome, it makes you change your point of view on ballet.

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