Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Aeon - Random Dance - Wayne McGregor

Wayne McGregor is known for his experimenting with projected computer generated images onto the stage. As a trained student at José Limon School in New York, McGregor has not only worked as a dance choreographer, he also choreographs for opera, theatre, television and film as well. McGregor has also created site specific work in galleries and public spaces. His creativity is boundless.Wayne founded his own company called “Random Dance”. The same year he was appointed choreographer-in-residence at “The Place”, London. His work for Random includes the digital trilogy The Millennarium, Sulphur 16 and Aeon which has led to critically acclaimed national and international tours.

Aeon is an integrated, multi-media performance for eight dancers and their virtual partners, Aeon (earth/air) takes place in virtual, physical and screen-based space. The piece is presented in three parts. The first is an animated solo made on Wayne McGregor in collaboration with animator Timo Arnall. The second is a combination of real and digitally projected dancers - stunning effects creating a new reality, and in the third the dancers perform Wayne's lightning speed choreography and idiosyncratic movement vocabulary, bringing the performance back to the body and questioning our ideas about its limitations and extremeties....

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  1. En este post de tu blog me gusta más el texto que el video.