Sunday, 22 February 2009

Interpret me

Two arranging parties have taken a seat by the edge of the table and between them, as an imperceptible shadow, seat an interpreter. Everybody was keeping the silence.
HE was the first who took the word:
- I love you.
HER face contorted, but interpreter has given her a sign and said:
- HE says: “I’ve got patience; I’m ready to listen and to make an attempt to understand you”.
SHE hemmed and replied with bitterness:
- You always knew how to tell beautiful words, and completed actions, probably, I would never await from you.
Interpreter turned around to HIM and said:
- SHE says: “I love you too. Only love has helped me to bear everything”.
HE begun to speak and HIS voice were full of sorrow.
- I can’t take it anymore. Anything that I do – you don’t like it. You always criticize it.
Interpreter turned around to HER over again and said:
- He says: “I’ve got expanded, vulnerable EGO. It makes me perceive all your words like knocks, and I unintentionally begin to see an enemy in you”.
SHE was looking at HIM – already without an odium, already with such a compassion from which there is only a one step and a half to LOVE.
- I will try to remember about it, but you should stop being a child. It’s a time to grow up, to mature.
Interpreter has turned around to HIM…
… They were going away together, nip and tuck, almost hand in hand. On the threshold HE suddenly stopped and came up to interpreter and gave a smack on his shoulder and exclaimed:
- Buddy, you are a real professional! Where do they teach this?
Interpreter didn’t reply; He just met HER glance by his eyes and translated:
- HE says me: “I want to learn to understand her by myself”.


  1. мне понадобилось прочитать 2 раза, чтобы понять чё тут хотели сказать:))

  2. Ну, самое главное - это ПОНЯТЬ!!!! И я рада, что ты поняла! Buba, ILU:)))))))))