Sunday, 8 February 2009

Where do balloons go when they fly away? Does anybody know?....I've got the answer:)))

Have you ever wondered what happens to a balloon when you let go of it?... Here is the story. Amazing visuals and some excellent direction. A fantastic spot for the French TV channel Tiji called “The Balloon”. This was created by DDB Paris and answers the question “where do balloons go when they fly away?”

Such is Tiji: Le Ballon produced for French children's television by young French director Yoann Lemoine. It is one of those movies that hits the spot, so obvious an idea that one kicks oneself for not thinking of it in the first place. Yoann's premise is simple enough: what happens to that accidentally discarded balloon that floats upwards and out of reach. In a steadily escalating level of heights the balloon with the cute, cat-like face makes fleeting acquaintances until it reaches its final destination in the heavens. An animation can take the viewer to strange and unexpected worlds. Unexpected, touching, comic and exciting, the twists and turns in this upwards journey are lovingly conveyed in a perfect piece for children and adults alike. Certainly it held my class captivated yesterday. Yoann attended the Emile Cohl School, Lyon, and studied screen-printing techniques at Swindon College, London.


  1. Ou... Little life of hope...
    Thanks for this big story of little ballon! )))

  2. Not at all, Lili:) Enjoy!!!!

  3. stupid bull shit the helium runs out and they gall back to to the ground or they travel a couple 100\1000 miles till the atmospheres pressure is to high which causes them to explode sl the pieces fly with the wind and then fall to the ground dip. Sjit