Wednesday, 18 February 2009

The Inner Life of the Cell - I adore all this biological stuff!!!! Magic is in the air!!!!

The Inner Life of the Cell is a short 3D computer graphics animation demonstrating various biological mechanisms that occur within a white blood cell in the human body. When teaching biology, professors will often generate 3D animations to demonstrate certain concepts to their students in a much more visual way than would otherwise be possible. In the case of The Inner Life of the Cell the creators aimed for a more cinematic, as opposed to academic, feel.

David Bolinsky, former lead medical illustrator at Yale, lead animator John Liebler, and Mike Astrachan are some of the creators at XVIVO who made the movie. They created the animation for Harvard's Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology. Most of the processes animated were the result of Alain Viel's, Ph.D. work describing the processes to the team. Alain Viel is an associate director of undergraduate research at Harvard University.

This is an interpretation of full version video - a part adopted for wide audience. It's a real magic - a whole universe inside of cell, example of harmony through perfect woking system:))) I like it so much!!!!!

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