Saturday, 16 January 2010

Ukrainian lullaby - Serie World Lullabies

This is my first post in 2010, I decided to choose a Ukrainian lullaby for this post, I love folk especially such a tender category as lullabies. It is so sensible that even makes me cry, some kind of mental meditation which touches the most hidden strings of the soul. It feels like something real and pure, closer to universe. I am so far from my home, but touching this beautiful music I feel like if my mom was singing it.


  1. Yarita,

    The music is very touching indeed.
    It´s been a while that I wanted to wish you one thing: Have a great new year!!!

    besitos mi hermanita ukraniana,


  2. Ahhhhh Júlia!!!! Que bonito!!!! Igualmente - Feliz Año 2010! Un besito :)