Friday, 19 June 2009

Why do we need men?

The fact of the matter is that they have warm palms and we – cold fingers;
They are strong and they can pick up us ;
Once they will realize that there is nobody better than us;
They have principles;
Sometimes they wash the dishes;
They are taller than us, so they can reach the book from the highest shelf;
They give us their best T-shirts :)
They know how to install Windows and other software that we can barely pronounce;
They forgive us our “feminism”, but admit, we don’t forgive them their “football”;
They kiss us in the front when they can’t stay;
They are absolutely sure that there are some things that we will never understand, and only therefore we understand everything;
They with manic persistence want to pay for our coffee;
They go to the supermarket when it’s raining;
They want to have our photos;
They remember about us another things that we remember about ourselves;
They don’t see the reasons for our diet;
They keep the silence when we say some stupid things;
Though when we say something intelligent, they keep the silence as well;
They went to the war if it would be;
They don’t notice spoiled make-up;
They pretend that they are not annoyed with the St. Valentines Day;
They want to make our life better;
They will never learn how to unhook the bra;
They think not only about love;
In the bottom of their heart they know how to sew on a buttons;
They can distinguish “Ob” from “Tampax”;
Sometimes they just cover us with the blanket giving a tender kiss;
They love our voices;
They are not always accompany us to airport, but they always come to meet us;
They think that our bags are heavy only when we meet;
They keep the silence when we are yelling;
When they leave – we stay;
When we think about our past – we think about them;
They know how to fight and they are so strong;
They give their surnames to our kids;
They do things that we are proud of;
They want to have sons, but though daughters they love more;
Sometime they love their job\car\football more than us;
They have ANOTHER logic;
They continue to think constructively, when we are writhing in the hysterics;
They confirm to go to the supermarket and to do shopping according to the list;
They are disposed to eat fried eggs when we don’t have time to prepare the dinner.


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  2. а шо єто за факт оф зе меттер (мож наоюорот):)))

  3. От Галева, от острячка:)))) Живой ум!!!!! Цем